God & Country Patrol

Emeritus Members:

Lord Robert S.S. Baden-Powell                        William D. Boyce           

Active Members:

Dave Oshman - Pack 355
(2011) St George Emblem (2)

John Shipley - Troop 239
(2010) Faithful Servent Emblem (1)

Karen Gambrill - Roundtable Commissioner   
(2009) St George Emblem (2) 

Wes Thatcher - Unit Commissioner
(2011) St George Award of the Episcopal Church (3)

Edward "Keith" Wawrzyniak
Religious Emblems Coordinator (Patrol Leader)

ex-Officio Members:

J.D. Urbach - District Scouter (Senior Patrol Leader)
St George Emblem (2)

(1)  Faithful Servant Churches of Christ emblem award (by nomination) honors adult Scouters for their servant leadership in Scouting for at least 10 years, home, church, and community. The four spheres in the life of a servant leader: service to God and His church, service to one’s own family, service to the nation, and service to Scouting.

(2)  Saint George Roman Catholic Church emblem. This national recognition is presented to any adult who is working with the Scouting program under Catholic auspices, to Catholics in Scouting units not operated by the church, and to those who have made a significant contribution to Scouting in the field of Catholic relationships. It may be given to men, women, priests, and non-Catholics.

(3)  St George Award of the Episcopal Church is a national recognition to acknowledge distinguished service by adults in the spiritual, physical, mental, and moral development of youth through service to the Church and through national youth agency programs.